Abstract: the scientific article is devoted to the analysis of one of the most acute problems of criminological science – the causes and conditions that determine group crime. The problems, within the framework of the stated topic, are relevant, which is due to the theoretical and practical significance of the study of issues that determine the development and self-determination of various forms of group crime.

Group crime is characterized by an increased social danger compared with crimes committed alone. This danger is caused by circumstances such as the combined efforts of several persons facilitates the commission of a crime and causes greater harm to the individual, society, state, difficulty in disclosing, in the involvement in criminal activity of a large number of persons, including minors.

The urgency of the problem is caused by the fact that the fight against group crime is of particular importance due to the prevalence of group attacks and its effectiveness depends, first of all, on finding out what determines group crime.

Keywords: crime, determinants, causes and conditions, self-interest, extremism, terrorism